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“We approach every project with a passion uncommon in the product design world.”

Furniture design in our workshop



Protivent has partnered in the past with doctors and firms to bring their inspired...

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The automotive industry is highly competitive and ever evolving...

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Consumer Goods

Consumers are not only looking for the latest gadget, they are looking...

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Military Prototypes

Because of our creativity, broad scientific knowledge base...

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Case Study

Latest Case Study

Protivent designs cost effective flame retardant material 6x cheaper than Nomex

Problem: A client in the business of manufacturing motorcycle covers came to Protivent with a problem: their clients wanted to get off their bikes at the end of their rides and immediately put covers over their motorcycles. The issue is that motorcycle engines and pipes get very hot: above the melt point of even their most heat resistant fabrics. read more

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We approach every project with a level of creativity uncommon in the product design world. If you can dream it we can build it.