Our history

If you went back in time and asked Protivent’s founder Jeremy Fryer-Biggs what he planned to do with his life, owning a product development company would not have been high on the list (depending on at what age you approached him scientist, or superhero would have been clear favorites) but perhaps the path was inevitable. Jeremy has been inventing for as long as he can remember. He won his first local design competition at age 8, was an Intel International Science and Engineering Fair finalist in high school and holds degrees in Biology, Fine Arts and Engineering.

Jeremy would halve been happy continuing to travel down the road of independent inventor when an opportunity arose. In September of 2010 the owner of a private equity firm approached him with a problem. He had acquired a company in a deal which had been making variations on the same profitable product for decades. The client wanted not only to give their offerings a cosmetic facelift but to radically improve them by better understanding the products’ real world performance and integrating new technologies. Jeremy embraced the challenge and enjoyed the work so much that he founded Protivent two months later to provide such services.

Today, Protivent still continues to consult for this original client and has been fortunate enough to work with a number of other industry leaders in diverse fields such as Wiesner Products/Sharper Image, Budge Industries, Empire Covers, and Arthrex

As we continue to grow one truth remains: we LOVE what we do! We enjoy the process of creative problem solving and genuinely get a kick out of exploring new ideas. Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to assisting you in addressing your product development needs.