Our Capabilities

Our greatest skill at Protivent is the ability to build or find a custom solution to your unique product line needs. With this said, we find ourselves frequently utilizing certain skills/capabilities:

Waterjet Cutting – Build heavy duty parts in up to 6in thick steel using this computer controlled water abrasion table.

CNC manufacturing – Create precise parts in woods and metals using a computer controlled high speed mill.

CAD Drafting – Protivent can make virtual models, drawings and blueprints  of your part. This is a time/cost effective way to visualize and rapidly refine your product ideas

Laser Scanning – Want your product to perfectly fit around the human body or be based on a complex shape found in nature? Laser scanning allows for the digital importation into a modeling program of those exact dimensions/contours. This information can then be used to build a host of ergonomic designs.

3D printing/rapid prototyping  - Create working 3D renderings of your computer models in a variety of plastics. This method is ideal for quickly making and refining parts and offers part geometries which cannot be done using mold making or CNC machining.

Metal finishing – Chrome, anodize and powder coat metal parts to improve their aethtetics as well as operational longevity.

Mold making – Make small production runs in foams, silicones and resins using handmade soft molds.

Welding/metal working – Protivent offers a host of welding and machining options, including TIG, MIG and stick welding, as well as mill and lathe work.

Custom Electronics – Protivent has the ability to create specialized breadboard designs as well as build and program microcontroller controlled tools for your custom design needs.

Glass working – Create custom glass components for your project