Case Studies

Because of our creative approach, Protivent has consulted for companies in a host of different industries. These include:

  • Consumer goods: Kitchen products, fashion accessories, furniture/lighting.
    e.g. Bagel Slicer, shoe lace clip, carbon fiber contemporary furniture, switchable membrane lights.
  • Automotive: Aftermarket parts, accessories, protective tools.
    e.g. Paddle shifter brackets, mirror guards, hail covers.
  • Medical:  Surgical tools, surgical consumables, braces, wheel chair components, geriatric aides.
    e.g. Canula guards, flex head surgical grinder, wheel chair handles , ankle brace with multiple degrees of freedom, pneumatic knee brace, uneven surface detector.
  • Industrial: textiles, sensors,  military prototypes.
    e.g. Recycled breathable membrane fabrics, fire resistant blankets, wireless temperature/light/humidity sensors, battlefield traiing aides…

Recent Case Studies

Protivent designs cost effective flame retardant material 6x cheaper than Nomex

Protivent helps client create novel machine and protocol to test unique material property

Protivent helps save Christmas