Protivent designs cost effective flame retardant material 6x cheaper than Nomex


A client in the business of manufacturing motorcycle covers came to Protivent with a problem: their clients wanted to get off their bikes at the end of their rides and immediately put covers over their motorcycles. The issue is that motorcycle engines and pipes get very hot: above the melt point of even their most heat resistant fabrics. This can not only damage the chrome on the motorcycle but start a fire. In the past this client had recommended letting the machine cool for a full half hour before

The Challenge

While many heat resistant fabrics are commercially available (Aramids such as Nomex/Kevlar, PBI and fluoropolymers like Teflon(R)) these materials cost multiple times per yard what the clients cost models could accommodate.

The Solution

Protivent, with its partners, designed a patent pending material with twice the melt temperature of their existing fabrics at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Not only does this material show great promise for their motorcycle line, but it has applicability to a number of other promising markets.