Because of our creative approach, Protivent has consulted for companies in a host of different industries. These  include:


Protivent has partnered with doctors and firms to bring their inspired improvements in medicine to life. Because of our emphasis on physical systems, our fields of strength included: surgical instruments, fittings/accessories…

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The automotive industry is highly competitive and ever evolving. Protivent has experience creating products in this environment designed to stand up to water, wind, heat, UV and mechanical stresses. Let us help you design aftermarket…

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Consumer Goods

Consumers are not only looking for the latest gadget, they are looking for a device which is aesthetically pleasing, works reliably, solves a problem, and provides positive user experience. Manufactures want to offer all of this…

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Military Prototypes

Because of our creativity, broad scientific knowledge base, prototyping skills and interest in tackling new and difficult projects Protivent has had excellent results sub-contracting military work. Have a design you are not sure…

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Why us?

  • We take a creative, multidisciplinary approach to problem solving which we find not only provides our clients with solid, novel, solutions but can lead them to new markets.
  • We specialize in finding emerging technologies or adapting technologies from other industries to address your needs.
  • We are sensitive to optimizing cost while not sacrificing quality, in both the design and manufacturing phases of production.
  • We understand how a product’s aesthetics affect the market’s perception of it.
  • We understand that a positive user experience is critical to the long-term success and reputation of a product.
  • We have a broad network and can help you find the right technological and manufacturing partners for your individualized needs.

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