Automotive Industry

The automotive parts and accessory industry is highly competitive and ever evolving. Protivent has experience creating products in this environment designed to stand up to water, wind, heat, UV and mechanical stresses.

Protivent is also uniquely positioned to test our designs, as well as your competitor products to better quantify how they will perform against the punishment they will take in real world situations. In the past we have created a number of unique tests for clients to simulate conditions such as wind, hail and ocean spray to determine the efficacy of their particular concept.

Our rapid prototyping techniques can allow you to quickly “see” your parts in a 3D CAD model and then “make” them from printed ABS. The parts can then be modified in successive iterations to produce a refined end product in short order.

Protivent Can Help You With Our:

-Experience designing components for corrosive and aqueous environments

-Quick turnaround times

-Custom Product testing solutions

-Large materials database

Need to build a new ipod dock for the dashboard? We can absolutely help you with that! Want to try something that’s never been done before or break into a new market? Now you are really speaking our language! Contact Us for more information.