Consumer Goods Industry

Consumers are not only looking for the latest gadget, they are looking for a device which is aesthetically pleasing, works reliably, solves a problem, and give a positive user experience. Manufacturers want to offer all of this in the most cost effective package possible. Protivent has experience balancing all of these factors to help design and deliver quality products.

At Protivent we focus on the human factors implications of our design choices to make all of our creations as easy, comfortable and efficient to use as possible. We also minimize the number of moving parts, and stress points to ensure a robust design. When it comes to manufacturing, we choose materials which meet customer quality expectations but do not break the bank and tailor the product to minimize the use of raw materials and injection molds to bring down production costs.

Most importantly, we bring the same creative spirit to our work for every project. We can not only use our custom tests to help you better understand the capabilities of your product (as well as its shortcomings) but we can help you come up with something entirely new and fresh.

Protivent Can Help You With Our:

-CAD & 3D printing capabilities to service your rapid prototyping needs

-Cost conscious materials and design recommendations

-User experience focused designers

-Sensitivity to product aesthetics

Let us help you improve your current offerings as well as design new products for your customers. Contact Us for more information.