Military Prototypes

Because of our creativity, broad scientific knowledge base, prototyping skills and interest in tackling new and difficult projects Protivent has had excellent results sub-contracting military work. We love new ideas and turning fringe scientific theory into useable products which makes us exceptionally well suited to, and interested in, these types of projects.

We have worked with American mills to design unique, highly specialized textiles as well as collaborated to develop an ultra-realistic physical medical training mannequin for combat medics with pulse, real bleeding, smells and remote controlled limbs.

Protivent Can Help You With Our:

-Experience building proof-of-concept models of new technologies

-Creative and flexible team

-Large materials database

-Broad base of scientific expertise

-Quick ability to test and refine design concepts

Have a design you are not sure how to make work? Need a fresh perspective on a design? We look forward to helping you develop your technology. Contact Us for more information