Medical Industry

Protivent has partnered with doctors and firms to bring their inspired improvements in medicine to life. Because of our emphasis on physical systems, our fields of strength included: surgical instruments, fittings/accessories, implants and Medical devices.

We are aware that biomedical engineering is a broad field integrating traditional engineering with complex biological systems. Our designers have a deep understanding of the concerns involved with designing instruments to be used on and in the human body as well as a diverse knowledge of materials.

In addition to our regular prototyping services, Protivent has relationships with leading nano and micro manufacturers, allowing us to smoothly transition your idea from 3D sketch to quality instrument produced in an appropriate clean room environment. Let us help you translate your research or cutting edge concept into a safe, useable, medical tool.

Protivent Can Help You With Our:

-Deep understanding of biological systems

-Broad knowledge of biocompatible materials

-Connections with nano and microengineering firms

-Experience designing medical products

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Examples Of Our Work:

 Surgical Device РSuture Passer (worked with doctor at major hospital)

Surgical Device РCannula Cover  (worked with doctor at major hospital)

Medical – Artificial Hip (worked with doctor at major hospital and major orthopedics company)