Main Services

Want an idea to come to life? Have Protivent quickly and cost effectively build you a working model as proof of concept… read more 
+Product Development
Want to go from a proof of concept model to a manufacturable product? Protivent will work with you to refine your prototype into a robust, inexpensive, good looking and satisfying to use product…. read more 
+Product Testing
Need to know more about how your product fares against the competition? Protivent can help build one-off technology to evaluate the properties of your offerings including ones for which there is no existing testing standard… read more 
+Product Line Consulting
Want a fresh perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of your product line? Protivent can help you tailor your products to better suit your client’s needs and reimagine your products to expand into new markets…. read more 

Our Services

We have a passion for and a deep understanding of the science behind how your product works and what you are trying to achieve. This translates into more effective designs and more creative solutions. While we are always interested in projects with unique needs we find that our clients most frequently use us to provide one of the following four consulting services. Please click below to learn more about each one.