Product Development

Want to go from a proof of concept model to a manufacturable product? Protivent will work with you to create a robust, inexpensive, good looking and user friendly product.

The best products on the market do not appear out of nowhere, they are the end result of careful refinement. “Product Development” represents a series of steps of redesign on the original prototype known as the iterative design process. The idea is to work out all of the kinks so that the design which is ultimately put into production is strong, functional and cost effective. To do this, the original prototype is tested and evaluated to determine its strengths and weaknesses. These are compared against the desired properties of the product from the client, the expectations of the customer and the features of the competition. In a series of steps new, progressively better prototypes are made, tested and remade until a final design is created. During the entire process a few factors are critical to the overall success of the product.

-Aesthetics: people want good looking sleek products around them.

-Manufacturability: for the most common and cost effective methods of manufacturing such as stamping and injection molding, certain part geometries and thicknesses present problems. Protivent takes these concerns into consideration so that the final design not only works in the laboratory but can be produced in the real world.

-Robustness of design: Not only does it work but will it continue to work for as long as the client expects it to.

-Usability: Does the client enjoy the process of using this product.

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Below are a few examples of advanced prototypes which have been through this process and are in the process of production:

Consumer Product – Bagel Cutter

Designed for Sharper Image and set to come out in next few months


Automotive Product –Urban Cover – will have pictures and prototypes.

First car cover designed to protect from stray open doors and love taps in a garage environment  (expected to go into production in the next few months with Empire Covers).


Automotive Product – First mass manufactured Car Cover to protect from hail damage

Designed at the request of the insurance industry. (expected to go into production in the next few months with Empire Covers)


Automotive Product – First melt proof motorcycle cover – have pictures and prototype

(Expected to go into production in the next few months with Empire Covers)