Product Testing

Need to know more about how your product fares against the competition? Protivent can help build one-off technology to evaluate the properties of your offerings including ones for which there is no existing testing standard. Protivent is ready to create a customized testing solution for your company to answer critical question regarding your products. We offer two broad categories of testing:

-Physical Property Testing: is about better understanding how your product performs under various conditions. There are a number of laboratories in the United States which offer testing using a host of industry specific engineering standards. What Protivent offers is a customized testing protocol and hardware to investigate how your product performs when there is NO standard test. We have worked with companies to invent custom tests which offer key insight into the performance of their products so that they could be redesigned to better serve their customer’s needs. We have created custom saltwater, hail damage and scratchiness tests to name a few to address specific customer concerns.

-Usability Testing: is a sub field of human factors. Usability testing is about understanding how clients use the product. Is the product difficult to hold? How much force does it take to close the lid? Are all the buttons one needs to operate it accessible? A good user experience can be the difference between a successful product and an unsuccessful one. Protivent gathers real-world data about how your clients interact with your current products and your prototypes to help improve the overall design.

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Examples of Custom Tests

Scratchiness Tester: Protivent designed the first device and protocol to determine how badly fabric scratches a surface against which it is rubbed. This is NOT an abrasion test of the fabric but rather how the surface of the fabric impacts other surfaces. The testing plates were then placed under a digital microscope and custom built image analysis software was used to determined the extent of the damage. A video demonstration is below.

Car Cover Temperature Testing: Protivent designed a wireless testing system to measure and log change of temperature in cars during a day with different types of car covers on top. The system, in real time, recorded temperature, humidity and sun intensity inside and outside of the vehicles. This data was used to improve the heat retention and breathability of their offerings

Hail Damage: Video from a quick test to determine if spacer mesh fabric would be a good candidate to protect exposed outdoor surfaces from hail. The information was used both to design better protective materials AND later to build a better test.