Want an idea to come to life? Have Protivent quickly and cost effectively build you a working model as proof of concept.

Prototyping begins with an inspired idea – a new technology, structure, shape or perhaps a novel recycling of an old concept. From there we use 3 dimensional CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings to visualize the part. These can quickly, be produced in multiple materials including ABS plastic using 3D printing technologies. Parts can also be cast from a library of materials to match particular mechanical, thermal or chemical needs of the design. Parts can be fit together into an assembly. If necessary, custom electronics can be produced and custom software written to govern the overall behavior of the new creation. The goal is to rapidly produce a tangible version of the idea so that it can be tested and refined.

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Automotive Part – Frist plastic Female quick release Pin –  (Worked with company)

Refined CAD drawing showing an assembly of 5 custom designed parts

Video of early “male” Version of the same quick release pin 3D printed and examined

Laser Guided Shoe for the elderly–  (Independent project)

The pictures below demonstrate the evolution of a design from 3D animation to printed ABS part, to silicone mold, to urethane resin part, to assembly with electronics installed

Pneumatic Knee Brace for weekend warriors with knee issues –  (independent project)

A finished prototype for a pneumatic knee brace which functioned as an air shock, absorbing forces and mitigating stress on the joint. Like most good proof-of-concept models, this one is a blend of parts and construction techniques including: custom CNC machined parts, stock parts from other industries (primarily automotive and camping) as well as fine welding and sewing work.